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Taste of Tao

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Life is Koh Tao is void of a few things like fast food chains, decent ink pens, and public transport, but it DOES have amazing food!

I started this list for a friend visiting the island, then I thought maybe other people would want to know more about what is available on the island as well. I'll continue to add to this post, especially once I get back to the island. The times estimates are based on walking from Ban's Diving Resort (where our friend is staying).

Most restaurants on the island use facebook page as their "webpage". You can often make reservations or order delivery through their facebook pages as well. Links are provided when there is one available. The travel time estimates are based on walking from Ban's Diving Resort (where our friend is staying).

8-10 minutes walk on the “main road”


Seriously good Thai food. There are more expensive items on the menu but you can get a good meal for pretty cheap.

40 minute walk (or five minute ride)


Favorite dish - Massaman

Tell P. Oy that we sent you. She’s the kind, fabulous, Thai lady that owns and runs the place. I’m hearing that it’s hard to get a table there now as she’s gotten so popular. I suggest messaging on facebook to make a reservation. It’s more expensive than other Thai restaurants, but so worth it. Check their facebook page because she runs specials fairly often.

Coffee Boat

5 minutes walk North on walking path


Traditional Thai food cheap, and you can get it spicy

8-10 minutes walk North on crossroad (between walking path and main road)


Favorite dish - Taco plate carnitas and chips and salsa (price doesn’t include margaritas)

Probably our most often visited restaurant. We ate there so often Dustin, manager, created a "frequent customer" for us. #NoKidding


<5 minutes walk South on walking path


Favorite dish - Cashew nut chicken and rice (it’s not spicy so I like it, but you can ask them if you want something more traditional and or spicy)

I pretty much always got the same thing here, so I really can't comment much on the rest of the menu. The portion sizes are nice.

right by your hilltop suite


Favorite dish: Toast Skagen (appetizer), and Surf & Turf (main dish) (can be shared especially with appetizer and desert)

This is high end eating for Tao. We treated ourselves here on special times. The food is fabulous, service, the best on the island, and the view is stunning. We have taken every guest we had on the island here. EVERYONE has loved it. Never had a bad meal.

Ed hooked us up with the best table in the house!
Valentine's Day 2017 - Barracuda at Darawan

Joe Pork Leg

literally on the way from your suite to reception, on the main road right by Ban’s (south)


Favorite dish: Pork leg and rice (ask for no fat)

You can eat there or get take away. Basically this is seriously slow cooked pork served with rice and the juice it’s cooked in served in a bowl on the side. It’s glorious.

The Market

<5 minutes walk North on main road to the left of the “big 7/11”


Traditional Thai, communal tables, cheap food. Often frequented by "locals."


the restaurant at the resort


Favorite Dishes: Burmese Chicken Curry, Ban’s Curry with egg

Service is sometimes slow. If you are ready to order or to pay you can walk up to the counter and tell them your table number and it will be faster.

Pigs in Paradise

<5 minutes walk North on main road in front of the “big 7/11”.


Favorite dish: Pork sandwich with bacon and onions I refer the bbq sauce. It costs 80THB.

They are owned by the Godfather Italian joint right behind it. So you can get your sandwich, then sit in The Godfather and order drinks there.

Jim Bar

minimum 2 hour walk from Ban’s


Favorite dish: Pad Thai (it’s bright pink) & chicken wings

If there has been loads of rain, you might not be able to get here any way other than walking and it won’t be easy. There is a road, but it washes out with heavy rain.

That being said… we love this place. It’s run by a family in the jungle. The people are super nice. It’s mostly a place to stop and get a drink, but the pad thai is amazing. I’m not sure it’s the most hygienic place, you might get a few ants crawling on your plate occasionally, but I don’t care. We were there on Christmas one year and sat with people from all around the world… at a random jungle bar on a tiny island. It was magical.

12 minutes walk from Ban’s on crossstreet (between walking path and main road)

250THB (this is half price, normal is 500)

Favorite dish: Beef pulls pork with coleslaw on the side (it usually come ON the burger) and sweet potato fries.

This place is expensive compared to other places in Tao, but they have the best burgers on the island. Grant and I usually share our burger. They are huge.

45 minutes walk South on main road (ish)


I don’t really have a favorite dish from here. We’ve been there a few times. I added this to the places because it’s got a great view and you can access the beach from there. It’s a nice place for a leisurely afternoon.

8-10 minutes walk North on Main road


No favorite dish here. However, it’s super popular with the “locals” meaning divers that are expats living long term on the island. Cheap, good portions.

probably a 20 minute walk? I think you can get there walking south on the walking path, but I’m not sure. (we drove there)


It’s a high end place right on the beach. We’ve only been there once, but very much enjoyed our meal. If they are serving the tomahawk steak go for it! I’ve seen photos and heard reviews that it is amazing. Don’t know from ourselves as it wasn’t on the menu the day we went. *sad face*

8-10 minutes walk North on the main road


Favorite dish: Butter Paneer

We were unsure of what to order so it took us a long time to finally visit this place. Our loss! Everything we tried (went three times) was delish! The service here is sometimes tortuously slow, but the food is way worth it.

20 minute walk south on the main road


Favorite dish: Grant: ribs & baked potato Claudia: smoked chicken sandwich

Big Jim is a super nice dude from Wisconsin, but his pops is from the south and taught his the ways of BBQ. His ribs are amazing, a tinge spicy for me, but I'm a wimp. He has an eat-in spot right in Maehaad and delivers for free anywhere on the island. You won't regret giving his food a go.

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