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About Us

It takes a lot of something to walk away from your life at home to begin a new career and life in a foreign country.  Some refer to this “something” as courage, others refer to it as crazy.  I like to think it’s a bit of both.  


Grant and I both chose to leave our previous lives behind for various reasons.  He got a head start on me; in 2015 he left his job and took a long road trip around the western United States.  He has now visited over 30 states! After that he booked a cheap flight to Tokyo with intentions of exploring Japan.  He fell in love with the city and wound up exploring it for the majority of his three months.  Grant was in love with living abroad.  He decided that his next goal was to find some sort of occupation that would allow him to live abroad.  When he and I crossed paths in April of 2016, he was preparing a resume and looking for a job teaching english in southeast Asia.  


As for me… The years 2014-2015 brought me many life changes, my sweet Mama passed away, I changed jobs, moved, and ended an eight year relationship.  Even with all of that, I stayed very busy with my community and events.  It was at one of these community events that Grant and I bumped into each other.  You see, we used to work together.  When I was in college I worked at a restaurant part time and he was my manager.  No hanky-panky there y’all! We were both in very different places in our lives. We stayed in touch via Facebook, and wished each other happy birthday, that sort of thing.   


That brings both of us to April 30, 2016.  My friends Wendi and Mel dragged me out to the Steelhorse Rally in downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas.  (I was trying to back out of my commitment to go, but they wouldn’t let me.  Thanks for that guys!) I saw Grant and welcomed him home from his trip with a hug and indecent proposal (which he accepted *wink*).  That was the beginning of us. We had no agenda or expectations of each other. We wanted simply to enjoy each others company as long as it was fun and remain brutally honest with each other.  It worked! We are still having a blast.  


Grant took a seasonal job in California from June-December 2016.  I decided to take a road trip and visit him.  By the time I made it to New Mexico, I knew I wasn’t going to return to my same life. When Grant and I had our week together we discussed a new life.  I told him I wanted to travel and be with him… we had no plan but decided to figure out a way.  We started our journey with a trip abroad December 2016.  

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